Erotic Lactation

Refers to breastfeeding or breast milking. Mutual breastfeeding is a sign of affection in lesbian partnerships, and other couples will use breast pumps for their boobie milking experiences

Lactalia’s Breast Milk Shooter


milking tits breast milk shooter

During a rather kinky camshow that Talia did, she got a request for a breast milk shooter live on cam. This was apparently one of the things she absolutely loved to do, so she went ahead and worked her big pokey nipples into a shot glass.

Bit by bit, drips and dribbles of beautiful breast milk came out of her, splashing into the shot glass as she went from one tit to the other, slowly and steadily milking until she got enough to take a shot of her own breast milk. Now this isn’t something you see everday…in fact you’ll only see this kind of thing over at Lactalia!

teen lactating nipples yummy milk cup

See Talia Shoot Streams of Milk From Her Boobies

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    can i get this clip

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    i need to dowmload this clip

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