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Refers to breastfeeding or breast milking. Mutual breastfeeding is a sign of affection in lesbian partnerships, and other couples will use breast pumps for their boobie milking experiences

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Erotic Shoots of Dripping Breast Milk


pregnant tits milky tits

Talia has a very sensual photo set today that features her dripping milky nipples. She’s half in the shadows in this artistic lactation fetish photo set, slowly and sensually showing off just how wonderful a woman’s breasts are when they’re spurting out white milk.

She lets the milk dribble down over her hands, smiling slightly the entire time. She works those nipples in between her fingers, slowly squeezing and pulling until the breast milk comes down her fingers. See this entire erotic lactation set at Lactalia.

sweet tits busty lactation tits

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Talia Milks Herself Onto a Dildo


Sucking on a dildo Licking off her juices

Talia from Lactalia does a lot of kinky things when she sets her mind to it, and today is no exception. After she gets done working her dildo deeply into her pussy, she licks up all of her pussy juices. That’s not where it ends, though! After she gets it completely clean, she holds her sex toy under her nipples, milking herself over it.

She waits until enough of her breast milk is soaking the dildo before sucking it clean again. She says that this was for some of her very naughty minded members in her lactation cam show. No matter what reason she’s doing it for, this is a very hot form of erotic lactation! See the full set over at Lactalia!

Lots of milky breasts Spraying milk onto the dildo

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Talia’s Leaking Lactating Nipples

lactalia-com_011-lg lactalia-com_016-lg

This set was taken soon after Talia gave birth, although as you can see she’s still packing plenty of pregnancy weight on her hips, ass, and belly. Her lactating boobies are also nice and big still, full of milk that slowly drips out of this lusty latina. She noticed the dripping when she pulled on a fishnet shirt, and figured that it would be fun to show off the droplets of milk as they came out.

She pulls at her nipples and lets her milky tits hang down, allowing all of the milk droplets to fall to the floor. The slight smile on her face shows just how much her lactation is making her horny – see more over at Lactalia.

lactalia-com_039-lg lactalia-com_044-lg

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Talia and Nina Mutual Milking

lactalia and nina

It can be hard to get a friend into erotic lactation, but Talia has managed it with her busty friend Nina. It took a lot of convincing, but now we all get to enjoy the fruits of her labor with these mutual milking photos. Nina is still a bit hesitant at first, but she soon warms up and starts dripping milk all over Talia’s body.

Mutual breastfeeding and milk spray battles are one of the most entertaining and sexy of the lactation sets at Lactalia. Watch these milky boobies get bounced together, milk dripping and spraying everywhere.


dripping milk mutual milking

Milky Boob Battle


sexy lactation milk battle

There’s nothing quite as hot as a milky boob battle. I do believe that the redhead has a boob up on the dark haired chick – probably because her lactating boobs are bigger. She gets this milk battle started off early with a quick shot to the chest.

This hot scene gets both of these ladies covered in milk, dripping down their sexy bodies and leaving them giggling and breathless. They love every minute of this crazy lactation, and you can see it all here.

big milky boobs

Mutual Breast Milking

girl on girl milkingmutual milking

These two lactating ladies enjoy their time alone for some lesbian lactation. It gets rather playful, with both squirting their milk at each other like they had squirt guns. The milk drips down their thick, curvy bodies as they spray milk at each other.

I love how they zoom in so you can see every detail of their breasts and nipples, along with a vivid view of all of the erotic lactation sliding down their bellies. These women just love every bit of this fun lactation fetish shoot.

You can see the full set at Lactation Fantasy!

dripping milk

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