Erotic Lactation

Refers to breastfeeding or breast milking. Mutual breastfeeding is a sign of affection in lesbian partnerships, and other couples will use breast pumps for their boobie milking experiences

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Big Pregnant Tits Shoot Out Breast Milk


Giant natural tits Lactalia milk sprayed

Pregnant amateur Talia has been experimenting with some of the best ways to capture her breast milk shooting out, and she thinks she has the perfect setup to capture this rather kinky milk explosion. Not only does milk practically burst from her milky boobs, she sprays it right into her mouth.

I don’t know about you, but seeing her do that turns me on like nothing else I’ve ever seen. Sure she’s drank her own milk plenty from a shot glass and cup, but this is just right from the tit to her mouth – there’s something very erotic about this type of lactation.

Lactalia shooting breast milk into her mouth Sweet breast milk

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Talia Sprays Milk Off of a Balcony


sexy big boobies dripping milf

Talia has some rather fun friends that let her do silly lactating shoots on their balconies. I’m not sure who decided to shoot her spraying milk off of the balcony, but it certainly ended up being an interesting set to look at.

Lactalia grabbed her giant pregnant milky tits and went over to the rail, letting them flop over the edge as she sprayed milk all over the sidewalk below. I wonder what someone would have thought if they had gotten doused with a shower of breast milk!

milk spray giant pregnant tits

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Talia Milks Herself into a Boob Cup


hot talia boob cup

Talia is looking very vibrant in her pregnancy today. Her body is lush and womanly, and the curves are just to die for. She’s having a bit of a silly day today. Her friend bought her a boobie cup, and Lactalia figures it’s the best thing she could use to milk her nipple into. It’s rather silly, but she seems to have fun with it.

After dripping her milk into the boobie cup, she slowly drinks it, tasting her own milk and loving the unique flavor of her own body in it. It was one part comforting, and another part completely erotic – she didn’t want to stop.

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big boobies licking up milk

Spunky Sylvana Milks Perky Breasts

sexy breasts milking into the cup

Sylvana’s breasts are a bit smaller than I see in most lactating women, but she certainly isn’t afraid to use them. This perky boob babe lets her breast milk drip down into a cup, ready for drinking. She does let a bit of milk drip down over her body, but on the whole she is very careful with her lifegiving milk.

Wouldn’t you love to help Sylvana milk her breasts, slowly kneading at her nipples until the milk comes spilling out, gushing into the cup beneath her. Then, slowly drinking the breast milk while spilling some down her body.

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erotic lactation lactation

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