Erotic Lactation

Refers to breastfeeding or breast milking. Mutual breastfeeding is a sign of affection in lesbian partnerships, and other couples will use breast pumps for their boobie milking experiences

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Laura’s First Drink

Now that Daniela has gone home, who is going to drink Estrella’s milk? Her daughter in law, that’s who! In one of those bizarre twists of life, Estrella showed up with a stunning looking young woman who wanted to pose for some clothed shots for her personal use, and nothing more. But she loved being in front of the camera so much, she just couldn’t help herself, and started doing a little strip-tease. Finally, she agreed to try drinking some of Estrella’s milk, which actually turned into a little milk dousing session, which is always good fun.

You’ll notice how she’s a natural in front of the camera when she rescues Estrella during the introduction. Which is all the more humorous, given that in real life, Estrella just will not shut up. That woman could talk the ear off a marble statue. But as soon as it’s time to do a 3 sentence intro on video, she’s tongue tied.

Estrella’s videos are extremely difficult to edit. For example, this week’s video is about 9 minutes long – but the original capture file is over 40 minutes. Basically, getting her videos produced is like putting a jigsaw puzzle together, except worse. So just to give you a little, tiny idea of what editing the master tape is like, I rolled a few seconds of bloopers at the end of this video. Now imagine having to find and edit the good stuff out of 40 minutes of bloopers, and you start to get the idea. Good thing she’s agreeable to doing just about anything, otherwise I think I’d have pulled a Donald Trump “you’re fired” on her after the first shoot – lol.

Estrella’s First Shoot

Estrella is a chubby little vixen with some really amazing nipples. When I first saw her fully dressed, I was pretty ho-hum about shooting her. But she’s not at all shy, and she just whipped out a boob and showed me her stuff – sitting on the couch on the patio with the huge glass doors wide open. After that, I was a lot more interested – LOL. I think it’s interesting how the areola is quite small, but the nipple is huge.

Ps – hope you like the bathroom… if you don’t, you might as well quit now, you’re going to be seeing it very frequently from now on – hehehe.

Squirting from the Other End

After I wrote the original description for this week’s update, it occurred to me that some of you might not be familiar with what you are seeing in this video – or worse still, think that you are seeing Ivy peeing.

For those of you not in the know, Ivy is capable of what is known as “female ejaculation”, commonly known as “squirting”. If you do a search on this on the Internet, you will find a number of mis-informed people claiming that female ejaculation is merely a girl peeing when she has an orgasm. I can tell you from first hand experience (but not with Ivy) that this is utter rubbish. When a woman cums in this manner, the liquid she expels is in no way, shape or form urine.

Way back in 1997, the company I was working for sent me to a backwater country in South America to connect them to the Internet for the first time ever. While working there, the guys from the local telephone company took me to a strip club. One of the dancers rather took a fancy to me, and we ended up going out for dinner the next day before she went to work. Things progressed from there, and before long Elizabeth was actually living in my hotel. Every day she would show up from the club at about 5 in the morning, we’d have a little fun, then go to sleep. I’d head off to work at 8am, meanwhile she’d hang out at the hotel all day. Round about 5 pm, I’d get back, we’d have some more fun, grab dinner, and then she would head off to work for the evening.

Over the course of the weeks I was there, I got to know her body quite well. At the time, I’d never heard of female ejaculation, and for at least 2 weeks, I was under the misguided assumption that all the large amount of liquid on the towel after we made out was just my stuff leaking out of her (ya, I know, what was I thinking, unprotected sex and all…). But then one day I actually kept eating her until she had a full orgasm – boy was I surprised, I got a huge mouthful and faceful of her cum – and I can ASSURE you, I would have known the difference if she had pissed in my face!!! So as far as I am concerned, female ejaculation is exactly that – a woman who cums like a man when she has an orgasm. Anyone who says different has obviously never gone down on a woman capable of squirting.

Along with the Telma / Paola – Mother / Daughter shoot, I rank this one right up there with the most unique videos in the world. Ivy was scheduled to do a lactation shoot, but she really didn’t have all that much milk. In fact, we didn’t even get a chance to do any lactation video, she only had enough milk to get a small photoset done. So we were going to pack up, and send her home when she mumbled something like “I can squirt a lot further with my pussy than I can with my boobies”. Everybody just stopped everything, stared at her, and uttered a near simultaneous “What?”. “I can squirt with my pussy” Ivy says again. Well, you’ve never seen a bunch of equipment get set back up again so fast!

The hand you see in the video belongs to a young fellow that Ivy brought along with her. According to him, he was her boyfriend. According to her, he was not – LOL – so who knows. But what was really humorous is at the end of it all, he wanted to get PAID for his rather “coitus interuptus” job of getting her off. Shit, when I was 20 something, ***I*** would have paid anything to have that job – LOL.

Pump Me Dry

Over the years, a number of people have requested a “Pump me Dry” video. In case you’re not familiar with the concept, basically it’s a video of a lactating woman being dual pumped until there is no more milk left in her breasts.

Up to now, I’ve never done a video of this type. Why? Well, lactating models get paid a significant modeling fee, and it isn’t by the hour. So if a session is over in 10 minutes, we still take the hit for the whole shoot.

So why the change of heart, you ask? Well, Priceless made us an offer we couldn’t refuse. She happens to work just around the corner from my friend’s house, so she popped by after work, and did this shoot at a discount rate that finally made it worthwhile doing a Pump Me Dry video. Total time from when she walked in the front door to the time she walked out? Sixteen minutes even, including posing for a few stills, washing up, and chatting with my friend after the shoot. That would make it the shortest shoot I the history of this site.

Helen & Daniela

While running around getting stuff for my condo down here in South America, I ran into a friend from the very first trip I ever took to South America, over 12 years ago now. She’s pretty open minded, so I was telling her about the kind of photography I do, and she offered to make a few calls. Helen is the result of one of those calls. Helen has a body very similar to Daniela, and since Daniela is visiting me for a few weeks, I figured y’all wouldn’t mide seeing the two of them pose together.

Most of the lactation is in Part 2, but if you like these two girls, then you’ll enjoy seeing them bounce their boobs and play with the giant teddy bear in Part 1. Plus Helen accidentally feeds BigBear some milk in Part 1, so you might as well go ahead and grab it, even if you are one of those grouchy “I only want to see milk” kind of guys – LOL.

Dianna @ 6 Months

Dianna is 6 months pregnant with her second baby, and just starting to produce a few drops of milk. If you look closely in the video, you’ll notice that she seems to enjoy showing off ;-)

Dani – AutoDrip Huevos

Every once and I while I stumble across another Daniela set that hasn’t yet been posted. I know I’m almost out of them, so enjoy them while they last. In this set, she also uses a rope to apply pressure and generate some fantastic auto-streaming action too.

At least once a month, someone writes me asking why I ALWAYS use a black backdrop, usually whining that it’s boring. So take a look at these pics and video, and tell me you wouldn’t have preferred a boring black backdrop – or at least some boring black off to one side – especially while Daniela has that rope wrapped around her breast. Finally got that old black stove burner lined up to give a little contrast though – lol.

So there you go all you “don’t like black” guys – here’s a set with no black – hope you like it!

Pregnant Cowgirl

Here’s the sexy, pretty Sara one more time before she gives birth. She’s got an amazing body, and promises to share her milk with us as soon as she’s ready. Let’s hope she’s serious about that…

Induced Lactation

This week’s updates features something I’ve never seen or shot before in all the time I’ve been running this site – induced lactation. I’ve read about it, but never actually seen it.

First, lets meet the models. Dianna is the shorter, curly haired model, and she’s not lactating at all. But I fell in love with her about 10 seconds after I saw her for the first time, and I’ll bet a lot of you won’t mind spending some time enjoying her either. The slightly taller (it’s all relative, Dianna is not more than 4’ 10” !!!) model with straight dark hair is Ariel.

Dianna mentioned during the photo shoot that I like lactation, so Ariel started squeezing her breasts. Since she didn’t look pregnant, and showed no signs of ever having a baby, I was puzzled as to why. Imagine my surprise when after a few squeezes, milk started coming out. Ariel explained her baby niece’s mother died at child birth, and that she is the one who looks after the baby. She also said that the baby frequently sucks on her breasts (Ariel allows it to), and a few weeks after the baby started doing that, she noticed that a small amount of milk would come out of her breasts.

Not a lot of milk this week, but it’s very unique milk, and you get over 300 pics of two of the most adorable models ever posted on this site. Hope you like it – and if not, well, it’s back to normal milking next week.

Leaking @ Work

Priceless stopped by after work to show off what a milk mess she got into that day.
She’s been producing a lot of milk, and since her baby doesn’t like to breast feed, a lot of her milk ends up either leaking into her pads (and clothes), or going down the drain.

Priceless (yes, everybody really does call her this) works in a fast paced environment where she can’t take a leisurely bathroom break every half hour, so she has to wear as many layers as possible to prevent leak through. Check out the opening sequence of the video where Priceless pulls out the maternity pads, and wrings them out in the tub. And even with those pads in place, look at how stained her bra is. You’ll also note that she’s wearing a body suit over the bra, and then a thick shirt on top of that.

I told her that a lot of people really like to see genuine leak through pics, so guys, this is the real deal – what you see here is exactly the results of an entire afternoon at work without any modification.

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