Erotic Lactation

Refers to breastfeeding or breast milking. Mutual breastfeeding is a sign of affection in lesbian partnerships, and other couples will use breast pumps for their boobie milking experiences

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Lactalia’s Dripping Nipples

Talia massagingNipples squeezedLactalia licking

Yum yum! Talia is on a breast milking spree and she makes sure to plant herself in front of the camera so all of us erotic lactation lovers can get a great view. She starts off just massaging her boob, squeezing and kneading it until the milk starts dripping from her erect nipples.

She lets the camera get in super close, focusing on a single big drop of milk that was about to drop down on her already milk covered hands. Not content with just squeezing out her sexy lactation, Talia lefts her hefty breast up to her mouth and starts lapping up the milk. Now that’s a hot lactation fantasy!

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Lactalia’s Talia Dips Dildo in Her Milk

milking herself dildo diping

Now this is an interesting use of erotic lactation. Talia pulls at her nipples slowly, working her fingers expertly in order to get a cup full of sexy breast milk. She dips her dildo into it and sucks it off slowly, moaning in pleasure with every lick. Finally, she drinks down her breast milk, letting the sensual taste of it run down her throat. This stunning lactating woman just loves to work her milk into every aspect of her day! You can see the full set of dildo milk dipping at Lactalia.

Licking the milk dildo

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