Erotic Lactation

Refers to breastfeeding or breast milking. Mutual breastfeeding is a sign of affection in lesbian partnerships, and other couples will use breast pumps for their boobie milking experiences

‘Erotic Lactation’ Category

Bound, whipped and milked dry

This girl has been forced to spend her last milk drops

Milk fountains

This lactating blonde babe had huge boobs with big nipples and she wasn’t shy at all about showing off how full of milk they were. This milky momma’s breasts were so full of white creamy milk that just leaning over as she sat on the edge of the bed had them dripping and leaking breast milk down to puddle in the floor. And once she started squeezing them, she squirted mommy juice like twin fountains. The more she pinched those big nipples, the more the warm milk flowed. Then it was time to use the breast pump and suck as much of that sweet booby liquid out of her as was possible.

Massive brown milk tits

Can you handle these big brown milk tits?

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Lactating Violet

Sexy Violet has a dripping pair of saggy milk tits.

She is milking them for a lot of sweet breast milk!

Angela and her breast pump

Angela has got soft chubby milk tits.

She really likes the feeling of the breast pump gently
sucking on her sensitive nipples

Laura’s First Drink

Now that Daniela has gone home, who is going to drink Estrella’s milk? Her daughter in law, that’s who! In one of those bizarre twists of life, Estrella showed up with a stunning looking young woman who wanted to pose for some clothed shots for her personal use, and nothing more. But she loved being in front of the camera so much, she just couldn’t help herself, and started doing a little strip-tease. Finally, she agreed to try drinking some of Estrella’s milk, which actually turned into a little milk dousing session, which is always good fun.

You’ll notice how she’s a natural in front of the camera when she rescues Estrella during the introduction. Which is all the more humorous, given that in real life, Estrella just will not shut up. That woman could talk the ear off a marble statue. But as soon as it’s time to do a 3 sentence intro on video, she’s tongue tied.

Estrella’s videos are extremely difficult to edit. For example, this week’s video is about 9 minutes long – but the original capture file is over 40 minutes. Basically, getting her videos produced is like putting a jigsaw puzzle together, except worse. So just to give you a little, tiny idea of what editing the master tape is like, I rolled a few seconds of bloopers at the end of this video. Now imagine having to find and edit the good stuff out of 40 minutes of bloopers, and you start to get the idea. Good thing she’s agreeable to doing just about anything, otherwise I think I’d have pulled a Donald Trump “you’re fired” on her after the first shoot – lol.

Lactating whore rubs her cunt

slut can still milkslut can still milk

Hot Milking Bitches

Squeezing both Nipples for Milk

both with milkboth with milk

Totally Tasteless Video

Her Milk make You Horny

Lactating very up closeLactating very up close

Totally Tasteless Video

Work those Hard Nipples

Work those Hard NipplesWork those Hard Nipples

Shooting Star Video

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