Erotic Lactation

Refers to breastfeeding or breast milking. Mutual breastfeeding is a sign of affection in lesbian partnerships, and other couples will use breast pumps for their boobie milking experiences

Archive for August, 2008

Helen & Daniela

While running around getting stuff for my condo down here in South America, I ran into a friend from the very first trip I ever took to South America, over 12 years ago now. She’s pretty open minded, so I was telling her about the kind of photography I do, and she offered to make a few calls. Helen is the result of one of those calls. Helen has a body very similar to Daniela, and since Daniela is visiting me for a few weeks, I figured y’all wouldn’t mide seeing the two of them pose together.

Most of the lactation is in Part 2, but if you like these two girls, then you’ll enjoy seeing them bounce their boobs and play with the giant teddy bear in Part 1. Plus Helen accidentally feeds BigBear some milk in Part 1, so you might as well go ahead and grab it, even if you are one of those grouchy “I only want to see milk” kind of guys – LOL.

Dianna @ 6 Months

Dianna is 6 months pregnant with her second baby, and just starting to produce a few drops of milk. If you look closely in the video, you’ll notice that she seems to enjoy showing off ;-)

Dani – AutoDrip Huevos

Every once and I while I stumble across another Daniela set that hasn’t yet been posted. I know I’m almost out of them, so enjoy them while they last. In this set, she also uses a rope to apply pressure and generate some fantastic auto-streaming action too.

At least once a month, someone writes me asking why I ALWAYS use a black backdrop, usually whining that it’s boring. So take a look at these pics and video, and tell me you wouldn’t have preferred a boring black backdrop – or at least some boring black off to one side – especially while Daniela has that rope wrapped around her breast. Finally got that old black stove burner lined up to give a little contrast though – lol.

So there you go all you “don’t like black” guys – here’s a set with no black – hope you like it!

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