Erotic Lactation

Refers to breastfeeding or breast milking. Mutual breastfeeding is a sign of affection in lesbian partnerships, and other couples will use breast pumps for their boobie milking experiences

Archive for June, 2008

Leaking @ Work

Priceless stopped by after work to show off what a milk mess she got into that day.
She’s been producing a lot of milk, and since her baby doesn’t like to breast feed, a lot of her milk ends up either leaking into her pads (and clothes), or going down the drain.

Priceless (yes, everybody really does call her this) works in a fast paced environment where she can’t take a leisurely bathroom break every half hour, so she has to wear as many layers as possible to prevent leak through. Check out the opening sequence of the video where Priceless pulls out the maternity pads, and wrings them out in the tub. And even with those pads in place, look at how stained her bra is. You’ll also note that she’s wearing a body suit over the bra, and then a thick shirt on top of that.

I told her that a lot of people really like to see genuine leak through pics, so guys, this is the real deal – what you see here is exactly the results of an entire afternoon at work without any modification.

Still Got Milk

Alana had her baby over 8 months ago, but she’s still got milk. She came over for a session and put on one of those slow and sensual squeezing and dripping shows that a lot of you like to see. Then she did some nice work with the old manual pump, and even pulled off a surprise ending by drinking her own milk.

Alana has another special talent – when she has an orgasm, she can squirt, Unfortunately, it was that time of the month for her, so while we auditioned her for next time around, and even shot a little footage, most people would find it rather distasteful for obvious reasons. We’ll do our best to get he back for a session of “squirting from both ends” at a more opportune time.

Auto-Drip Office Girl

For some reason, there have been a lot of requests for lactating “office girls” lately. So here’s sweet little Elle giving her best office girl look. Remember, Elle can’t squirt because she has breast cancer, so you’ll find most of the dribbling and pumping action in the video. Fans of puffy nipples (puffies) should enjoy the close up profile views of her breasts.

Sexy pregnant chick …

Sexy pregnant chickSexy pregnant chick

shows off her big belly and firm breasts

Sexy pregant chick flaunts her firm breasts and big preggo belly

Sexy pregant chick

Knocked up chick with big belly strips and lactates

Knocked up chick

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