Erotic Lactation

Refers to breastfeeding or breast milking. Mutual breastfeeding is a sign of affection in lesbian partnerships, and other couples will use breast pumps for their boobie milking experiences

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Talia Milks Herself Onto a Dildo


Sucking on a dildo Licking off her juices

Talia from Lactalia does a lot of kinky things when she sets her mind to it, and today is no exception. After she gets done working her dildo deeply into her pussy, she licks up all of her pussy juices. That’s not where it ends, though! After she gets it completely clean, she holds her sex toy under her nipples, milking herself over it.

She waits until enough of her breast milk is soaking the dildo before sucking it clean again. She says that this was for some of her very naughty minded members in her lactation cam show. No matter what reason she’s doing it for, this is a very hot form of erotic lactation! See the full set over at Lactalia!

Lots of milky breasts Spraying milk onto the dildo

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Lactalia Milks Herself on Cam

Dripping milk boobies Squirting milk into shotglass

Talia is doing another completely naughty cam show from her living room, and she has her handy shot glass out once again. First she works the milk up to slowly spurting out of her nipples, letting the white liquid shot out everywhere. She takes a lick of her tit first, loving the taste of her fresh breast milk.

Then she grabs the shot glass and fills it up, hand pumping her nipples to make it give up all of this lovely lifegiving liquid. She takes a gulp on her live lactation cam, smiling in the most naughty of fashions while she starts to work at her milky tits once again. See her in action at Lactalia!

Licking the milk boobies Drinking her milk

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Talia Sprays From Her Rock Hard Pregnant Boobies


Wild milk Milk spraying all over

Sometimes you just get the urge to milk your nipples in new and exciting places – this public breast milking set takes place along a quiet lake, the perfect environment to spray milk outdoors. A quick swim got her nipples super hard and already half spurting milk as she climbed her pregnant body up onto the shore.

She gets the motherload of milk pouring down her chest – apparently that swim helped more than she had expected by making her breasts completely milky! You can see the full outdoors milking set over at Lactalia.

Sexy big pregnant tits

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Cold Weather Makes Breast Milking Sweeter


Stripping down

It’s getting colder and colder, but that doesn’t stop Talia from enjoying the hell out of her breast milk. In fact, it makes that warm milk even more desirable. She strips out of a heavy winter coats and starts working on her nipples, working them with her fingers to squeeze out some drops of milk.

It comes in spurts, and she lets the warm milk drip down her legs,giving her a very erotic rush from the lactation and warming her up at the same time. Now how’s that for some multitasking? You can see the full erotic lactation scene here.

Milk dripping down knees Squirting milf on knees

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