Erotic Lactation

Refers to breastfeeding or breast milking. Mutual breastfeeding is a sign of affection in lesbian partnerships, and other couples will use breast pumps for their boobie milking experiences

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Wild Milk Sprays


milky boobs

This big breasted beauty has milk that shoots in 5 different directions. She milks her nipples so expertly that her lactation goes the distance across the room. Those huge nipples hold tons of milk – I’d love to wrap my lips around her dripping nipple and suck it dry.

She finishes her spray across the room, now letting the milk drip down the front of her black shirt. The white stands out in the darkened room, and makes a very erotic lactation photo. You can see the full set at Lactation Fantasy

erotic lactation erotic lactation

Pregnant Babe Posing


pregnant babe pregnant woman

This ethnic beauty is proud of her curvy, womanly body. She strips down to her panties, showing off every inch of her pregnant belly and soon to be lactating nipples. She is in the prime of her womanhood, and it makes her look very sexy indeed.

Her grin shows she’s wondering if she should pop over and have a lactation battle like a few of the other beauties at Lactation Fantasy. She certainly looks playful enough to have fun with it, or maybe she can take part in a mutual breastfeeding scene.

sexy preggo

Milky Boob Battle


sexy lactation milk battle

There’s nothing quite as hot as a milky boob battle. I do believe that the redhead has a boob up on the dark haired chick – probably because her lactating boobs are bigger. She gets this milk battle started off early with a quick shot to the chest.

This hot scene gets both of these ladies covered in milk, dripping down their sexy bodies and leaving them giggling and breathless. They love every minute of this crazy lactation, and you can see it all here.

big milky boobs

Lactation with Breast Pumps


big nipples milked dripping milked nipples

It’s time for a change of pace – and that involves going from hand milking nipples to pulling out the breast pump. There’s a few reasons why I really like watching sexy lactating women using milk pumps. The first one is that they get so involved in the pumping that it’s really hot, seeing them so intense. The second reason is just how sensitive pumping makes their nipples. You could just run your fingers along them and make them jump and moan.

Plus there’s no milk wasted this way. While I do love seeing it poured down a sensual woman’s body, I enjoy drinking her breastmilk much more. You can see more lactation fetish with breast pumps at Lactation Fantasy.

milking with breast pump sexy breast pump

Spunky Sylvana Milks Perky Breasts

sexy breasts milking into the cup

Sylvana’s breasts are a bit smaller than I see in most lactating women, but she certainly isn’t afraid to use them. This perky boob babe lets her breast milk drip down into a cup, ready for drinking. She does let a bit of milk drip down over her body, but on the whole she is very careful with her lifegiving milk.

Wouldn’t you love to help Sylvana milk her breasts, slowly kneading at her nipples until the milk comes spilling out, gushing into the cup beneath her. Then, slowly drinking the breast milk while spilling some down her body.

See more erotic lactation fantasies at Lactation Fantasy

erotic lactation lactation

Mutual Breast Milking

girl on girl milkingmutual milking

These two lactating ladies enjoy their time alone for some lesbian lactation. It gets rather playful, with both squirting their milk at each other like they had squirt guns. The milk drips down their thick, curvy bodies as they spray milk at each other.

I love how they zoom in so you can see every detail of their breasts and nipples, along with a vivid view of all of the erotic lactation sliding down their bellies. These women just love every bit of this fun lactation fetish shoot.

You can see the full set at Lactation Fantasy!

dripping milk

Lactalia’s Dripping Nipples

Talia massagingNipples squeezedLactalia licking

Yum yum! Talia is on a breast milking spree and she makes sure to plant herself in front of the camera so all of us erotic lactation lovers can get a great view. She starts off just massaging her boob, squeezing and kneading it until the milk starts dripping from her erect nipples.

She lets the camera get in super close, focusing on a single big drop of milk that was about to drop down on her already milk covered hands. Not content with just squeezing out her sexy lactation, Talia lefts her hefty breast up to her mouth and starts lapping up the milk. Now that’s a hot lactation fantasy!

See all of Talia’s lactation photos and videos at Lactalia.

Lactalia’s Talia Dips Dildo in Her Milk

milking herself dildo diping

Now this is an interesting use of erotic lactation. Talia pulls at her nipples slowly, working her fingers expertly in order to get a cup full of sexy breast milk. She dips her dildo into it and sucks it off slowly, moaning in pleasure with every lick. Finally, she drinks down her breast milk, letting the sensual taste of it run down her throat. This stunning lactating woman just loves to work her milk into every aspect of her day! You can see the full set of dildo milk dipping at Lactalia.

Licking the milk dildo

Rosa Milks Her Breasts Into a Glass

rose lactating rosa breast

This busty Latina, Rosa, just loves how she can make milk shoot out of her breasts. She even has a special cup to milk herself into, as you can see in these hot lactation fantasy photos. I just love watching this ethnic lactating woman squeeze at her nipples, the white milk dripping down into the cup below. 

I do have to wonder what she did with the milk after the erotic lactation shoot – I hope she poured it over that curvy body of hers and let the breast milk run down her hips, her breasts, and between her legs. See the full set plus many more hot lactating women at Lactation Fantasy.

rosa dripping milk rosa squeezing milk

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