Erotic Lactation

Refers to breastfeeding or breast milking. Mutual breastfeeding is a sign of affection in lesbian partnerships, and other couples will use breast pumps for their boobie milking experiences

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Milking Boobs

Who doesn’t love grabbing a pair of full breasts and milking them slowly, sensually? These beautiful lactating women love to play with their nipples and tease them until they start dripping out milk. Some prefer breast pumps, getting hot and bothered off every lactation fantasy they have. This lactation porn is the most natural, hot thing you’ve ever seen. Some people might think it’s taboo, but you’ll have to agree that it’s all hot – just look at our lactation videos in our Member’s Area.

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Angelica the Witch

Bet you’ve never seen a lactating witch before! Her trick is on her breasts… it’s her nipples – all FOUR of them! I know you’re going to enjoy her BIG breasts, and the amazing amount of milk she can deliver from those quad turbo milk ducts.

angelica-s001.jpg angelica-s002.jpg
angelica-s007.jpg angelica-s015.jpg

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Sexy Milking and Lactation

What’s hotter than seeing a lactating women? Easy – seeing two lactating women in erotic lactation play. They love the experience of milking boobs, watching it drip down over their bodies and between their legs. These are some of the biggest lactating tits in the world – hand milked and pumped in lactation videos, lactation photos, and lactation stories. See every bit of milking in our Member’s Area.

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Dive right in between milky breasts at Sexy Milking and Lactation Sylvana

She’s slim and has crazy perky titties. She’s the second of a group of 4 sisters and is loaded with tasty milk. Get your cup of sunshine from Sylvana!

s0011.jpg s004.jpg
s013.jpg s0151.jpg

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Sultry, dark and moody Alejandra has plenty of milk in her engorged beautiful breasts. This tiny bundle of love is cooking a meal using her own fresh milk. It doesn’t get healthier than that!

s001.jpg s006.jpg
s011.jpg s015.jpg

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